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Name:Imogen Peters
Birthdate:Jan 1
Imogen Peters
Age: 21
Gender: Female
PB: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Ht: 5'9"

Hometown: Las Veags, NV

Occupation: Showgirl and aspiring businesswoman.

Religion: Agnostic

Special ability: Pyrokenetic


Friendly but a bit guarded. She wants a normal life, thank you very much. Her power is cool but she doesn't want to end up in a government lab someplace being poked and prodded and god knows what else.

Imogen is driven to be the best at whatever she does, or at least master it thoroughly. She doesn't like being told 'no' or that she can't do something, and tends to look at them as obstacles to be overcome if she doesn't ignore it altogether. If it's in her power she'll do as she damn well pleases, if not she'll wait till the opportunity presents itself and seize the chance when it comes.


Las Vegas native. Mom is former showgirl turned real estate agent, dad is an accountant for the Stardust. They don't approve of her following in mom's footsteps and would rather see her try her luck in New York or LA than working in Sin City.

Trained in dance and gymnastics since she was crawling.

Manifested her pyrokinetic powers with puberty and have kept them secret, afraid of what the reaction might be. She's seen Firestarter, so sue her. Over the years she worked on controlling and refining the ability in her spare time.

Graduated from UCLA last summer with a BA in theater and a minor in business, interned at the strip during the summers. The plan is to work for a few years in the shows to save money and get experience, then go on to grad school. Good looks don't 'last' forever, especially in Vegas, and she wants to eventually transition into the behind the scenes aspects of the business and run her own productions.
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